Andrea Alf
Andrea guides clients in living a balanced lifestyle to promote wellness and prevent illness. Educated at the Institute of Prevention in Germany, she uses a hands-on approach to teach individuals how foods, physical activity, stress, relationships, and other factors can impact their wellbeing. As a mother with a background in elderly care, Andrea is a natural caretaker and is sincere in her desire to help people and support them on their path to a healthy lifestyle.
Andrea is working to abolish the myth that cooking meals from scratch is impractical for today’s lifestyle. A Thermomix ( enthusiast and authorized sales partner, Andrea has used this unique food preparation system for more than 12 years to make everything from scratch: breads, soups, nut pastes, juices, sorbets, and much more. Cooking with this system allows her to quickly prepare and serve meals without preservatives and other additives that can negatively impact health.
Andrea partners with her clients and offers customized guidance depending on individual lifestyles and goals. Her focus is on improving health while supporting a healthy balance between food, career, family, and physical activity.
Andrea xx
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